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our "mister Man". our beloved perfect son taken prematurely at 9 years old on jan. 6. 2018.our family including your feline sisters LadyJane and Matilda are devastated . Dexter you will be missed and cherished in our hearts forever The world would be a better place if we all had some Dexter in us. till we meet again my sweet boymom

who would have thought that 7 years ago when we met putside and I helped save him from  a menacing tomcat that this feral stumpyshaped tuxedo with broken teeth and frayed ear would  enrich so many lives. During his 5 years outside he had to endure multiple cat attacks, cruel humans and climatic disasters  but despite these obstacles he remained compassionate,affectionate, gentle. brave and poised;walking way from food so stray kittens could eat and never scratching or biting no matter the stressor. the vet labeled him a" true GENTLEman"During  the 5 years I took care of him outside I would get up at 3am to search him out and feed  him his favorite chicken breast I had cooked for him. Despite threats of eviction, neighbors that were hostile to him, the animal control officer and local police that were making patrols  and a man who stalked me in a black suv I would never abandon him.     At times he would disappear for long periods and I would know something bad would have happened. I would canvas the neighborhood with his photo because I couldn't bear him being hurt, starving and alone.One time he had bite injuries on 3/4 paws and used one unaffected limb to drag himself to meet at "our place" We belonged to each other. He was such a smart cat, figuring out the exact  spot on a distant hill he had to sit so I could see him from my apartment window. He would respond to his name and commands.At night he would turn on the computer and gaze at the screen.When I was finally able to rescue him inside his   adopted feline sisters Ladyjane and Matilda hissed and swatted him and he met these gestures with an innocent look and goodnatured chirp and within a month they were kissing him and enrobing him with their paws. They were his doting harem and he was their benevolent old soul leader.He learned to love:brushing,catnip, greenies, total body massages,lying on his back playing teaser, occupying any soft warm surface, snoozing on my chest and sitting on the couch watching tv with me (judge judy was his favorite). What he NEVER learned how to do was to meow and so his tasmanian devil howl was borm which he used whenever he wanted attention.He remained trusting and devoted throughout his life. Whenever I returned to the apt he'd be waiting at the door. If I tried to shut the bathroom door he would scratch at it until I l opened it and he could come in to inspect that all was well with me.When I was ill he would sit at my feet for hours.He even allowed the  indignity of wearing a patriotic hat to celebrate the date we had chosen as his birthday july 4th.  There are not enough tears in the world for us to mourn him nor enough thank yous  to express how much joy he brought to our lives. we were so lucky  that this special irreplaceable being  chose our family to give his heart to. In the end, LOVE IS LOVE.